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Harley-Davidson Club Faroe Islands (HDCFO)

HDCFO is a non-profit, non-political club for Harley-Davidson owners. The club started in 2007 and is probably the worlds smallest national Harley club, with approximately 50 members!

HDCFO main task is to work for the good spirit between motorcycle riders and Harley riders in particular. We want to promote the unique biker climate in the Faroe Islands and to inform and work for the issues concerning our livestyle.

HDCFO is not a member of the Federations of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe.

HDCFO board consists of a director, an assistant director, a treasurer, a secretary and two board members. All board members and other active members work on a non-profit basis.

If you are not pleased with the club as a member, you are welcome to express your point of view at the annual meeting, or contact somebody in the board. Or why not write comment in our guestbook? Nothing is so good, that it can't be better!

To ride a bike is fun! To ride a Harley is outstanding!!

To become a member of HDCFO you have to be registered owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

If you live outside Faroe Islands and want to become a member, please contact [HDCFO member service].


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